Tuesday, June 30, 2009

WHAT was I thinking....anyone interested?

Yes folks...that's a lot of blue Fimo, not to mention the neon yellow, pink, blue and teal Sculpy. :-)

It was a blistering hot and humid SW Florida so I decided to take the time to look through my stash of polymer clay (mostly Fimo.....old Fimo at that) and see if I couldn't condition some it to use for , well, something....

I had some of the lovely original orange which was so nice for pumpkins and some caramel. I sliced it up and ran it through the pasta machine I bought from Michael's with a coupon last year. It started out as a crumbled mess but after 8-10 passes through the machine, it became quite pliable. This stuff is easily as old as my son so I was surprised but I figured, nothing ventured, nothing gained. I could always toss it if it didn't work.

I was pretty happy and think I'll try and make some pumpkins or jack o'lanterns since all the Halloween stuff comes out in July around here.

As I continued to excavate the Fimo bin, I discovered all the above colors. The larger blocks are Sculpy III. Came in a box of assorted colors so I cannot be held responsible. The others are the original Fimo. There are 2 cakes of plain old blue, 1 of lt blue, 1 of turquoise, 1 of lilac and 1 of dove gray. The Sculpy doesn't have a color name on the pkg but the blue is a standard plain blue, and the darker one is a drk teal-like....and then there is the 2 neon colors. Do not ask why I have so much blue Fimo...I do not have a clue. :-)

I cannot imagine what someone would use these colors for but I am happy to give any or all to anyone who wants them. I guess you could paint over the color... Just give me a shout...first come first served. Because I have been successful in conditioning the Fimo with the pasta machine, it seems like it is workable. However, I would not attempt to condition it by hand.


Monday, June 29, 2009

...a new award...

An award of friendship passed on by Casey to all who read her blog. Thank you Casey! I look forward to your tutorials, progress reports and the ongoing adventures of Tessie and Zar.


Saturday, June 27, 2009

Another little hag...

The lastest from Primdolly.

The coolest little witch ever. Pop over to her blog, here ,to see additonal views.


Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter in Tim Burton's upcoming film interpretation of Alice in Wonderland.

Hey doll makers! Wouldn't he make a great doll??!!


Monday, June 22, 2009


Stanley is almost, sort of, done. He still has bug pins in his cloak and some clamps in an attempt to keep the thing draped. I will have to spray the whole outfit with something to get it to stay...steam is just not doing the trick, even though the sleeves are silk. I gave him a Russian-esque hat. Still undecided about facial hair. There is a close up of his tasseled boots.
While he wanted to be a wizard, he was very fussy about his "look". Costuming these little people is clearly as difficult as making them. Almost as difficult as buying clothing for teenagers...
Speaking of which... I can remove "taxi service" from my list of responsibilities. My son, Matt, has acquired his permanent driver's license. He and his Dad when car shopping yesterday. I have suddenly gained back 3 hours of my life per day. I have mixed feelings about the whole thing now that it has come to pass, though.....sigh.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

An eHag....

Since I was going on about dollmakers just a post ago, I want to share this with you all.

I was surfing eBay this morning just to see what turned up and stumbled upon this little gem. Actually, I found her under "completed sales" for a dollmaker called "primdolly". Most of her things are much smaller in scope, usually just heads (calls them "witchlets') but she has a few complete dolls and this was one that recently sold at auction for an astounding $445!!?? Well, it was astounding to me, anyway, especially since it was ebay. I am going to assume she has a following but I have not heard of her till now. I've never seen her at a show or read about her in a mini mag. Does anyone know her? The work is really cool, I think.

The pictures should enlarge if you click on them. Look for her over on ebay so you can see the other things she does.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Odes and awards and what not...

OMG...I got an award! From my friend Kat. It is always my pleasure to read your blog and see what you might be up to. You inspire me as well. Thank you, Kat. It is a beautiful award!

On to Odes.....

I have an deep respect for doll makers...of all kinds. From the sculptors to the porcelain pourers to the ladies who dress these little people. I salute you all. I have taken many classes over the years. I have had teachers who spray everything with hairspray to get it to stay put and those who use some kind of product called Stiffen (which I've never been able to find) and one who only used steam from a Rowenta iron (which I immediately ran out to buy...works great on shirts, btw). I've been taught to sew, to glue, never to glue and all things in between. I've had wigging classes and shoe classes and construction classes. In the end, my things never looked as good as those of the wonderful teachers I've had. Yes, I know it takes practice but it also takes a certain amount of talent and skill. I am in awe of the things I see (well..most of them.)

Worid is complete and I am happy with him, though he is not as I originally expected. Stanley is another story. He didn't like the ..ahem..dress (under tunic) so that had to be re-done, nor was he happy with the sleeves or the robe. I almost put him back into the box he's been in for the past 13 yrs! He is now muttering something about a different hairdo....we are not making that movie. I might consider a beard and possible some sort of hat. We'll see.



Meet Worid

The Mugwumpus has revealed his name...Worid. And he's thrilled to go play in the marsh out behind the house. Unfortunately, it's a little dry now but rainy season is upon us so the waterproof boots will come in handy. It doesn't show well but the tips of the toes are curled up....helps with the sloshing apparently.
I guess I've seen the last of him for awhile though he did agree to be back in time to accompany Stanley and I to the Show. I hope so...there are 'gators in the marsh....
As for Stan the Man, we've had a few "wardrobe malfunctions" but we're working on it.....

At the auction...

While browsing a miniature auction site this morning, I stumbled upon a few rather interesting items.

This little Tudor reminded me of the Burrows project. It is 1/2 scale so only a total of 30 in tall.

This furniture would be at home in any of the fairy or witch houses currently in progress, no? The headboard is a laser cut dragon in only 1/4 inch scale. Amazing!

This site is called miniaturesonly.com. Go visit. You never know what you'll find and it's all minis.

Speaking of laser cut "stuff", I discovered a site which specializes in all laser cut house trims and such. There is a round window mullion that reminds me of a spider web...I'm considering making some spiderweb back chairs. The site is lasertechminiatures.com.

Now I really must get to work on my two fellows. Stan is loving his new outfit (actually, his first outfit...) and my little marsh denizen is almost complete. He still has not divulged his name but all in good time I suppose. As soon as they are both done, I'll post the outcome.


Thursday, June 18, 2009

Buttercup Goblinglitter

I found this link over at http://prunellascreation.blogspot.com/ and I think it is really cool.

Your fairy is called Buttercup Goblinglitter
She is a bringer of riches and wealth.
She lives in clover fields where fairy rings grow.
She is only seen in the light of a shooting star.
She wears bright clover green. She has gentle green wings like a butterfly.

You can discover your Fairy Name by clicking on the link at the side.

(Someday, I'm going to have to learn to make those URL's with the single name like everyone else...)


PS: It seems I am a day late and a dollar short on this. Many of you have already discovered this site. But I still think the names are wonderful. Of course, this is Tabby's profile....Susan's is totally different....says she's a troublemaker....mmm.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

It's always something...

Merlin was passing through the studio last night and made a rather rude comment about my latest creation. "Who's the mugwumpus?" Mugwumpus?! But I guess that does say it all. So no witch this time...or even a crone. What we have here is a shortish, independent marsh dweller. Right now, he is being fitted for some water-proof boots....says they are absolutely necessary.

I don't know what else they wear but I'm sure it'll tell me. (Right now I'm not even sure of gender...)

Merlin also mentioned that he will not be attending the Miniature Show in July....he has "things to do". However, Stanley, the luv, has agreed to help out provided he is outfitted with the proper wizard finery and gets an appropriate name for the occasion. He thinks "Stanley" doesn't have the right ring to it. I suggested "Stanislov Petrov" of the Ukranian Petrov wizarding family and he, thankfully, agreed. Now to come up with something regal, wizardy and Russian. I'm thinking Cossack boots and fur....



Tuesday, June 16, 2009

....less Ferengi, but.....

...still looks a little like ET. I now am not sure what the devil this will turn out to be but whatever...there comes a time when it is just "done". So I baked it....for only an hour or so...seems done.

Then she got some eyes. Looks a little wally-eyed, though.

Mmmm.....looks more dwarvish or elvish than anything else.....
Oy! The I remembered that whatever it was, it needed some hands. So I made some knarly-looking ones which was a lot easier than nice, pretty ones. And I have some "feet" things baking right now.

And Stanley got some eyes finally, too!

So that's enough for one day. It's exhausting! Maybe tomorrow I'll think about who they might both be....
Any suggestions?


Ok....I was going for Crone but I think it looks more like ET...or possibly Ferengi. But it's just roughed in so maybe it'll get better.
Unfortunately, it seems a little out of scale so I guess I'm going to have to really cut back on the size here. And smooth out a few of those wrinkles. Mmm...I did get a little carried away but, despite my booklet of instructions, I wasn't sure where to begin. I mean it was 1996 for Merlin's sake!
I've also decided that I really, really HATE conditioning Fimo...although once that's done I like to work with it. Can someone tell me...once it's conditioned, does it stay that way for a while? Or do you have to do it all over again each time? And is it better to mix colors before or after conditioning?

I rummaged around the storage closet and discovered Stanley....from the 1996 class. Poor thing. I never even dressed him. Never gave him eyes either. How pathetic I am. He's rather kindly looking, though. Maybe I should finish him up like a Wizard and take him to the show...

I'm leaving "ET" rest for a bit before the overhaul. I'm determined to get a hag out of this by the end of the day......I'll let you know ;o)

Monday, June 15, 2009

...how hard can this be...?

In 1996, I took a class called "Sculpting for the Feeble-fingered" by Cat Wingler. ( think she still might be around the miniature-verse.) I worked on an old man which I came across just the other day...pathetic, really. And very unfinished like so many of my projects.

But I'm older now..lol. Maybe I've learned a few things..ha! Anyway, after viewing Nancy Cronin's amazing witches on Kat's blog, I have decided to try again. Hey, the Bully Boys weren't so bad...as long as I don't go for realistic, I think I'll be OK. I've have dug out the instructions for that class and am going forward...yes!

Now let see....first bake head form at 250 degrees for 2-3 hrs. Geesh...that seems a little long...
Mmmm....must have copied something wrong. Well, what the heck...go for it.

I'll keep you posted....


....just a small change....

I have decided I need to change the header of my blog.

It seems there is an "ice queen blogspot" (actually there are several in various permutations though none of them have written much since 2003 ) and they are definitely not about miniatures so, to avoid any confusion, I thought it best to make this change.

Though Tabitha has always been known as the Ice Queen, she doesn't wish to cause any misunderstandings with anyone so, within Blogland, she will simply refer to herself as Tabitha and have done with it.

...just thought you'd want to know....


Saturday, June 13, 2009

"You've...er..I've got mail!'...

Awhile back, I sent some yarn, suitable for use as "faux fur" trim to Kat the Hat Lady. (Why is it never possible to buy only enough of "something" to make one or two items?? It seems one can only buy in quantities to make hundreds....or thousands!!)

I had tons so I sent her some. And the dear thing sent me one of her fabulous brooms and witch hats!!

Merlin has already called dibs on the broom. When I pointed out to him that he did not need a broom to fly, he said while that may be true, he did need a broom to keep the hearth tidy and besides, I still owed him for taking the Bully Boys. Apparently the chocolate cupcakes were just a downpayment. Seems I'll be "owing" that old man for the rest of my life....

Anyway, I love them both and I'll be embellishing the hat as soon as I get a spare moment. I know exactly what I want to do!

Thank you, Kat!! What a treasure!


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Update on Earl and the boys....

Nikki was so right about these boys...they've been nothing but trouble since they arrived. I had to hide the cupcakes!!!

I spoke with Merlin and he agreed to take them. He believes that sending them to Delacroix the Swamp Witch will only encourage bad behavior. At least can keep them under some sort of control...

So they about to be "enchantedly" placed on the mantle in Merlin's retreat, where Zanzibar can keep an eye on them...nothing gets past that cat.

So what have I learned? Be careful what you make...it may come back to haunt you. ;o)


Monday, June 8, 2009

..Earl and his brothers...

So....Earl finally got his cupcake (you know, these things even smell like vanilla!) though I heard he was really hoping for chocolate...
My son said that "Oscar" and "Ralph" were too Sesame Street, so allow me to introduce....ta da!!

Billy Bob and their youngest brother, Roy...
Somehow, I don't see these 3 in Merlin's retreat. They just seem more Swamp Witch to me. Do I hear yet another project beckoning me??
Billy Bob, Earl and their younger brother, Roy.
Anyone remember that old Bob Newhart show? ...nevermind...
Tabitha (aka Susan)

Mail Call! Cakes, Glass and...Earl!

Yep! That's him! That's Earl! He's a little scarier looking than I thought he was before he was painted but I guess that'll be fine. The little hat took almost as long to get right as making the jar...bleh...which is why Oscar and Ralph are not in the picture. They are, alas, still hatless.

I received 2 delicious cakes from Kim Saulter...a Red Velvet and an Orange...Yum!
My second package was some of Nikki's wonderful glass from the last auction. She is such a love, she always includes a little surprise!
This not such a great shot but I wanted you to notice that the cupcakes with the roses look like the have pink paper cups...how cool is that!? These are part of my package from Kim Saulter. Below are the rest of the cupcakes...6 0f each... Double Yum!

If Oscar and Ralph get their hats later, I'll take their pictures. ;o)
Tabitha (aka Susan)

...clay update..

Let me start by thanking everyone who gave me their valuable hints/tips.
I scrubbed the little things with an old toothbrush and dish washing soap (Dawn). Then applied several washy layers of the colors I wanted. A bit of a mess but OK. Then I baked them. It seems like the re-baking does keep the paint on because there was no problem with "dings" from my nails this time. And the paint appeared to adhere nicely when I applied the darker wash for antiquing. I didn't have any raw umber so I used a dark brown with a little black and kept it quite thin...except I used a thicker bit a second time for crevices that weren't as dark as I liked. When they are totally dried, I will coat them with a clear matte finish for Fimo...and, no, Nik...I won't re-bake them ;o).

Then maybe I'll put their little hats on...or not. And then I'll try and get a picture. They were a lot more work than I expected but despite all the aggravation, I do like them and think they'll look quite nice on the mantle in Merlin's retreat and just the silly little thing he might have.

All in all, it was an interesting exercise. I don't work with polymer clays too much. I have tons of it laying around but never seem to really get the hang of it. I hope I remember all the things I learned form this experience. I think I'll write them down in my log because when, and if, I do something like this again (highly unlikely), I will never remember the steps and will end up reinventing the wheel. I can see why one might want to make a lot of these at one time and be done with it.

Tabitha (aka Susan)

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Polymer Clay Conundrum...

Okey dokey.....yesterday I decided to make 3 little pots with faces since I missed out on Nikki's cute little ones last auction.

I'm a pretty fair "carver" so I thought I'd be able to come up with 3 suitable little pots for Melin's retreat. No problem...turned out cute, baked up fine. Of course, I intended to paint them the exact colors of my choice so I used just whatever color clay I had on hand (conditioned and ready to go). I baked them last night and painted them this morning with acrylic craft paint. It went on a little streaky but, no matter, I just gave each a light second coat. When I went to "antique" them this afternoon with a water-based stain, the paint just peeled off.....bleh!!! It's like it didn't adhere at all! What a pain in the butt. So now I have really weird colored pots.... Any suggestions? Or opinions why the paint peeled? I've never painted polymer clay before but I undersand it is possible. Just as a point of reference....the first 2 pots peeled as I daubed the stain off. The second one got a ding from my fingernail before I even started.

What a bummer.....


Saturday, June 6, 2009

Better pictures of Great Hall project

Mostly pictures....

Larry "Fuzzy Bear" Bolduc from Unicorn Studios...teacher extraodinarie. That is a half-scale (1/24) castle ruin in the background.
..rolling out the paperclay...
...staining the ceiling...

..the "components", formed, stained and ready to be put together...

...the backwall...

... "marble" floor with center medallion...

...all assembled....

..."daylight" will shine through windows and door... the leopard is looking at a bird on the step...

...all done...
....illuminated...inside and out.
...tabled tucked into right corner..
I really hope you can get some of the details from these. It was a wonderful class with some great people. I have the plans and components for the "Deep in the Foundation" project which is basically the basement of the castle....a dungeon or mad scientist lab... It was the first Larry designed and the Great Hall is made so as to stack nicely on top of it.
I'd like to also have a Tower Room...for my Princess and the Pea vignette. All in good time ...