Friday, June 5, 2009

The Great Hall....

It occured to me that I have been a very poor blogger of late. I've managed to keep abreast with my favorites but haven't done much with my own. I have been trying to help a friend with a "teen aged girl" problem (not very well, I might add) and readying the house and property for hurricane season. My husband thinks I'm a little obsessive over this but I always get nuts about my minis and how to best protect...or evacuate them! And, of course, the house MUST be clean...God forbid it should blow way dirty!

I am also preparing like a madwoman for my first show in July. I am not looking for a large turn out but at least I'd like to find out if I should continue to bother. I enjoy making so many different's hard to know what people will like or want. In the States, it seems, July is a very popular month for Halloween and Christmas we'll see.

I thought I'd post a picture of what started me down my current path of "wizardy" minis.

It's called the "Great Hall" and I have turned it into Merlin's retreat. Below is the chandelier which will go in when I figure out how to get it all connected together at the top and flickering appropriately.

The box itself is modular...and all the insides are made from a foamcore board framework; nothing glued in, really, and all can be removed for any purpose such as additions or corrections I guess. The electrical workings are cleverly hidden just above the ceiling and accessed from the back. All the stonework is Paperclay. It was a new medium for me and very interesting. The teacher was a fellow, now disabled in a w/c, who formerly worked with real stone and found a way to continue doing so. What an amazing man!


Tabitha (aka Susan)


The Ice Queen said...

mmmm....I'm so sorry but it seems the pictures will not open in a larger screen (and they are larger...) I don't think I know what to do about that as I didn't do anything different to post them. blogging skills are abysmal.


Creepy_Creations said...

WOW, I love it!! That is very cool!! Looks so cozy!! Great work!!


Debie Lyons said...

Tabby, dont worry about your blogging skills, I still cant get a slide show running, my music player or translator. To get to know all this stuff you have to play around with it takes ages and well life is sort of full of other fun things to learn about and make. I love the room box its right up my street and its wonderful.
Mini Hugs
Debie xxxxxxx

nikkinikkinikki72 said...

Hi Susan, i love everything but wish i could see them closer. I wonder why this happens with some pictures sometimes. It never happens to me but it does to others. Maybe you need to enable something.
I love the chandelier is amazing and so love it.
Nikki x

Judy C said...

Hello. Wow. This room is really beautiful. I think working on it would be a pleasure.

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Fantastic room. Merlin is big here on the tv at the moment and my eldest wants a Merlin room box, but she'll have to wait. Its vewry ornate and decorative, and the lights amazing. Clever you! Kate xx

The Ice Queen said...

Yes, it was Merlin that inspired me. I have a friend who has written two "merlin" themed novels and I have watched the bbc "Merlin". It's just fascinating. Btw...all the torches (and fireplace)in the box flicker. Hopefully so will the