Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Artisan Thomas Saunders

When the maillady showed up today she brought me a package from Canada. In it were two of the cutest little boxes....notice the message on the one.... from Tom Sanders. He does beautiful turnings in stone, wood and acrylic. Health problems have prevented him from "turning" much this year and he thought he might not be able to return to it at all. So imagine my surprise when I stumbled across these pieces of his on Esty. Naturally, I snapped them up!

One of the really cool things he does is the little certificate of authenticity. Each piece is numbered and signed. I bought two bowls, a serving platter and a mortar and pestle. You can poke the pictures to make them bigger....

Here're some better side views......

I put the morter and pestle on the serving tray to show better against the pale grey stone.

I haven't found a website or blog for him but you can visit his Esty shop:

Monday, October 19, 2009

Grace White....amazing!

I stumbled across this extremely talented lady this morning whilst surfing the Net. Her minatures are inspired by "Master and Commander" (film/book?) and I am blown away by her skill and imagination. She is a book conservator by training and I this attention to detail shows in her miniature creations.

Below is just a teeny example of what she has done in the form of books but there is so much more that you all must go to her photostream and see for yourselves. I love all of it!

On the right side bar, click on either "Aubrey-Maturin" miniatures or "Other mini's". You are in for a real delight! I looked for a blog or website but couldn't find one.


Saturday, October 17, 2009

Brass "stuff" from the hardware store...

For Nikki...and anyone else who is interested. Sometimes I spend hours at the hardware store looking for things suitable for mini's.

In the Chronographoscope below, I used lamp bits and pieces for the stand. All found at my local hardware store and all solid brass. Makes for a nice sturdy stand. I have no idea what this is called or what it is really used for but I think it lends it self to something. It is metal and it comes in several sizes. This is the smallest.

This is a compression fitting for gas line hook-ups. It also comes in several sizes. This is the middle size, I think. I used it on the end of one of my large telescopes.
This is called a knurled nut. It comes in three sizes. This is the middle size. I've used these for lots of things. Again, solid brass.

So you never really know where you are going to find "stuff" for mini's. Give your neighborhood hardware store a try. Poke the pictues for a closer look.
Happy Hunting!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Of super bargains and super friends!

I have been such a bad, bad blogger of late. Life, in the form of costuming the HS production of The Merry Wives of Windsor, has truly gotten in the way of my "mini-ing". But I have kept up with each and every one of you and I'm incredibly awe-inspired when I see what you're up to.

Meanwhile, yesterday was a very excellent day for several reasons. In scouring the thrift shops for appropriate shoes for our characters (any idea how HARD it is to find a pair of size 13 wedgies???), I discovered this little mirror. Not mini but only about 8" around. I collect unique or unusual mirrors and this fit my criteria. I couldn't reach it to see the price and when I asked the clerk she said that is was $10 (excellent!) but because it had been around awhile, she would take $8 (even excellenter!) and then, because she noticed a few dings, she made it $5 (wow!).

When she took it down to wrap, the backing came off ; not a big deal for me, but she then said:

"mmmm....ok, this is how I'm going to handle this", and she handed me the bag and said "no charge. Hope you can fix it. Have a great day!" Whoa!! I love this little mirror!

When I got home, I found a package at the front door and inside was Mr. Scroll Pot!! (that is a pretty lame moniker...have to come of with something else..) But regardless of what he's called, he is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! The pictures simply do not do justice to Nikki's beautiful work. It is hard to believe she hasn't been sculpting all that long. He is exquisite and I am thrilled beyond words to own him.

She also included some of her fabulous wrapped scrolls. I don't know where she gets her printables for these or how she gets them so crisp and clear and readable. I am almost ashamed to put them next to my paltry attempts in Merlin's Retreat where everything had found a home.

Back to costumes for now. And thank you, Nikki for your wonderful creations!