Monday, June 1, 2009

For Nikki....and all other fairie people...

This artist, Sue Ann Thwaite, aka Lady Bug, is a casual acquaintance of mine. I have seen her at many shows and dined with her last January at a Florida show. She is incredibly to make these tiny 1/4" scale fairies and accessories. She uses natural sticks and nuts casings and seeds and anything else she comes across.....pinecones and mosses and whatnot.

These are two custon fairy houses she did. I think they are amazing and great inspiration. Her website has many more wonderful things to admire.....and buy if you are of a mind. Or use for your own inspiration!

Welcome to the World Of Whimsy!

This is a tiny fairy in a lipstick tube (I have's adorable!) I have no idea how she makes these things so tiny, but I think these are made with fine wire dipped in glue and then painted.


Tabitha (aka Susan)


Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Oh Wow, that house is incredible! I so want a fairy house, now Im in two minds, should I make a fairy or witchy house from my new ebay find!Fairy houses are so adorable and summery! help!! Kate xx

Judy C said...

That house is terrific. I would love to have one. Guess I'll start to make a small one.

nikkinikkinikki72 said...

Hi Susan. Really lovely and she has such a mixture. I love the tea pot scenes too!
I wish the pictures would come up bigger so i could see them better.
Thank you for showing and putting the link.
I just got your email but for some reason aol is showing as german. I can read your email but i can't work out how to reply (only know a little german and not reply or compose).
Anyway, the little extras were a gift and not put in by mistake. I'll email when it goes back to english.
Really weird why its doing this.
Just Read Kates comment. I reckon she should make a fairy house!
Nikki x

Mary said...

Very beautiful, thank you for sharing! My hands are just too shaky to make something as small as the lipstick tube fairy!