Monday, June 15, 2009 hard can this be...?

In 1996, I took a class called "Sculpting for the Feeble-fingered" by Cat Wingler. ( think she still might be around the miniature-verse.) I worked on an old man which I came across just the other day...pathetic, really. And very unfinished like so many of my projects.

But I'm older Maybe I've learned a few things..ha! Anyway, after viewing Nancy Cronin's amazing witches on Kat's blog, I have decided to try again. Hey, the Bully Boys weren't so long as I don't go for realistic, I think I'll be OK. I've have dug out the instructions for that class and am going forward...yes!

Now let see....first bake head form at 250 degrees for 2-3 hrs. Geesh...that seems a little long...
Mmmm....must have copied something wrong. Well, what the heck...go for it.

I'll keep you posted....



Debie Lyons said...

Tabitha that does seem a little long for a head bake. I would check out what clay you are using first and follow the backing instructions. Have any problems, give me a shout :O)
Debie xxx

nikkinikkinikki72 said...

Lol, i agree it does seem a long time. I would just go with your sculpting and see how it goes.
I had an urge a while back and although he's not the best i'm ever so proud of my wizard.
I don't know much about sculpting but if you need any help or advice just ask.
There's a great tutorial link on my blog for eyes, hair, hands and feet and i think there may be a few others too.

Nicky CC said...

wow that is a long time but depends on the thickness and size of the head, is he a large doll Tabitha? If its a 1/12th scale head I normally bake mine for about an hour and a half! Two - three hours seems very drastic indeed! Good luck with your doll and hope you post pics :)