Tuesday, June 30, 2009

WHAT was I thinking....anyone interested?

Yes folks...that's a lot of blue Fimo, not to mention the neon yellow, pink, blue and teal Sculpy. :-)

It was a blistering hot and humid SW Florida so I decided to take the time to look through my stash of polymer clay (mostly Fimo.....old Fimo at that) and see if I couldn't condition some it to use for , well, something....

I had some of the lovely original orange which was so nice for pumpkins and some caramel. I sliced it up and ran it through the pasta machine I bought from Michael's with a coupon last year. It started out as a crumbled mess but after 8-10 passes through the machine, it became quite pliable. This stuff is easily as old as my son so I was surprised but I figured, nothing ventured, nothing gained. I could always toss it if it didn't work.

I was pretty happy and think I'll try and make some pumpkins or jack o'lanterns since all the Halloween stuff comes out in July around here.

As I continued to excavate the Fimo bin, I discovered all the above colors. The larger blocks are Sculpy III. Came in a box of assorted colors so I cannot be held responsible. The others are the original Fimo. There are 2 cakes of plain old blue, 1 of lt blue, 1 of turquoise, 1 of lilac and 1 of dove gray. The Sculpy doesn't have a color name on the pkg but the blue is a standard plain blue, and the darker one is a drk teal-like....and then there is the 2 neon colors. Do not ask why I have so much blue Fimo...I do not have a clue. :-)

I cannot imagine what someone would use these colors for but I am happy to give any or all to anyone who wants them. I guess you could paint over the color... Just give me a shout...first come first served. Because I have been successful in conditioning the Fimo with the pasta machine, it seems like it is workable. However, I would not attempt to condition it by hand.



Marsha said...

The pink would make great flamingos! :) Marsha

Tabitha Corsica said...

Does this mean you want it? I don't do flamingos...or anu other manner of beastie.

Marsha said...


I do happen to have some that color, and at the rate I use it, LOL, it would sit in the drawer forever, LOL, but in case someone else was thinking what could I make with that loud pink, LOL, flamingos!! :) Marsha

nikkinikkinikki72 said...

You should keep it. Even if you just make paving stones and paint over it will always be useful.
You can get fimo conditioner to mix into dry fimo. I forget the name of what it is.
I use the old stuff i have had for years as a base for larger work and cover with the new stuff.
I saw a blue sprakly cauldron the other day somewhere while searching images. you could make these and cover with glitter or make look like tarnished copper.
How is your minis going for the show?
Nikki x

Tabitha Corsica said...

Thanks, Nikki. I never thought of using it in that way. To me, it was just blue Fimo (and there is very little blue food to make with it) but you are right. I do have the quick mix for Fimo and have been adding some of it to my last batches. I've even heard that you can mix sculpy and fimo together though I've never tired it.
I think I've made all I am going to for the upcoming show. For me, it is more of a test to see how things go. Even though my things sold well last Jan, it was a much bigger show. Right now I'm working on the how the display should look. I think I'm going to need risers so folks don't have to bend over to see.
I'll leave the fimo up for a bit...since i made the offer. I still have a lot in the stash. Doubt I will ever use it all.