Monday, September 14, 2009

The Joys of "Bug Pins"....

I have been a terrible blogger of late but non-mini things seem to be taking up far too much of my time. I have been trying to keep up with everyone else though and when I read Liberty Bibberty's latest blog entry about draping fabric using the pin and spray method, I had an epiphany.

Bug Pins!

She commented that there were pin holes in the fabric after it dried which needed to be dealt with. Easy with cotton but not so easy with silk or other fine fabric. However, these holes can be eliminated entirely with the use of entomologist's pins instead of regular straight pins.
I have been using them for years, even since a woman I know introduced me to them during a class in mini-doll costuming. I use the finest ones.... 0, 00 or 000. They do not rust, are flexible if you need them to be and supersharp. They never leave little pulls in the fabric and because they are so very thin, there are no holes to be seen! Cool, eh?
I got mine at a museum shop about 10 years ago but, like most things these days, they are available on line from a variety of sources. Here's one:
Just click on "insect pins". Or google for other sources.