Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bonbons anyone?

Available now in my etsy shop

I actually had quite a few more to offer but Kate and another customer got to the store before the paint had time to dry on the sign.... lol  

Not to worry.  I'll have some more ready in a day or two.

As you can see, I have been busy making candy so, at the moment, I am able to do some custom orders for anyone who wants something in particular.  Just e-mail me.

In the meanwhile, I have a lovely plate of tea cookies with pale pink icing and silver sprinkles.

Or some Halloween treats.  October will be here before we know it!




PAKY said...

All looks delicious, I adore bonbons! greetings

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

I was delighted to win some heart candies Susan. I didnt check out all the other listings after I made my choice and saw later some other ones I missed so Id love it if you are still able to make some more chocolate bonbons and white hearts with the red centers? thanks so much Susan, Alice and her friends will love these! Love Kate xxx

Tabitha Corsica said...

Kate, my friend, I can (and will!) make you anything your little heart desires!


The Old Maid said...

They are so....sweet! I love your cakes and candies!:D


Amazing!!it´s looks very sweets! ñam! A kiss

Ascension said...

Son una verdadera maravilla!!!
Parecen pequeñas joyas, se ven deliciosos!!
besitos ascension

Maia's Twinkle Miniatures said...

They look delicious! I especially like the cookies with sprinkles. :) And I enjoyed the picture of all the candy lined up.
Thank you for following my blog.

sagrario said...

Son una maravilla ,se ven deliciosos ,las manzanas de hallowen me encantan,saludos

Mari@ said...

Wow Tabitha... sono bellissimi!! Your bonbons are lovely.

Tallulah Belle said...

A woman of many talents :-)

These are wonderful. Don't think I'd have the patience this tiny with clay though.

Oh my the verification word was oreo lol