Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Absolutely Alice

I know there are a lot of Alice in Wonderland fans following here so when I came across this amazing piece today, I just had to share. 

The dolls are not miniature....as a matter of fact, this particular artist seems to specialize in almost life-size sculpted dolls...but they are a delight to see. 

I contacted the artist and she graciously gave permission to post the picture and link to her site.


I found it on esty but the artist, Karen Vander Logt, also has a website.


Go check it out. 



Michelle's Mad World said...

Simply perfect in every way! :o)) They ARE a true delight for the eyes!

They are quite large though, you'd need a large corner for them all! :o))

Michelle xxx

Ara said...

Lovely dolls!! Do bad they're so big :) I bet there are a ton of miniaturists who'd love to get them into a scene!

Catherine said...

Thank you for sharing that Susan. I am off to check out those links. Everying is so beautiful!

Eva said...

Thanks for sharing, they are amazing!!

Tallulah Belle said...


Wonder what she bakes them in lol.

I'd love to try something this scale but imagine all the clay it would take...yikes.

Tabitha Corsica said...

You know, I never thought of that. She must have a humongus oven or bake them in pieces, I guess...

Tallulah Belle said...

I didn't think of it till I sent the link to my friend either. We figured both....even just baking the head my oven would be on the small side to not burn it.

Karen Vander Logt said...

Thank you Tabitha for posting my Alice set and thank you so much for those who took the time to leave such kind comments about them.
Just wanted to clarify this set is (Not) Life size. The tallest of the dolls in this set is the Queen doll and she is around 32" tall and I bake all of my OOAK dolls-- even life size dolls in a regular home oven.
Have a great day! Karen