Sunday, May 17, 2009

Where we talk about ourselves…..

Allow me to introduce alter ego, Tabitha Corsica...the Ice Queen...

I love miniatures….and I love holidays….and there it all began on a blustery Sunday afternoon almost 16 years ago. Not being a Buffalo Bills fan in particular, I left the baby with he who was and ventured out into the icy cold to an exhibit of dolls houses at a local Victorian mansion, converted to an events center. And in no time at all I was hooked.

All the pretty little things….I was entranced, enchanted, captivated and totally carried away by all that I saw. I quickly signed my name on a guest list for those wanting “more information” and before I could say “please pass the Tacky”, I belonged to two miniature clubs.

Back to the holiday thing…. Most of the things I’ve created, houses, boxes and just “stuff”, have usually been based on holidays. Christmas is my favorite….my first house was a small Green Leaf Christmas House. Then there was the leaded glass conservatory with the Victorian Santa and the put-about I gave to my sister and all the things I made for swaps not to mention the big Bostonian that I decorate for Christmas each year….well, you get the picture. I moved on to Valentines Day, complete with candy and flower shops, and then Halloween. Oh my. On thing just lead to another…as it always does. Occasionally there was the odd Victorian accessory thrown in…usually because of one class or other.

Halloween led me to Gothic which led me to wizards and Merlin and Dumbledore …which is where I am right now. Not Harry Potter in particular but the ancient magical world in general. And, while in the past, I‘ve given away my creations as gifts to friends (make one to keep and one to give away), I’ve been encourage to offer them for sale. Which I will start to do very soon….well, not until July but that will be here in an instant.

While I no longer live in the land of the ice and snow, the sobriquet “Ice Queen” seems a good fit so it remains. I have one darling husband, one darling teenage geek son and two usually but not always darling Havanese dogs. I live on a barrier island in the middle of Hurricane Alley (or so it seems of late), though we’ve managed to dodge that particular bullet for a few years now. Some say the Calusas made it so…..another area of ancient magic I must look into.

I am new to blogging and hope I don’t screw it up too badly.

For now, adieu, I’m working, as always, on yet another project……

Susan (aka Tabitha)


nikkinikkinikki72 said...

Thought i would pop in and say Hi and welcome.
Hope you have fun here and looking forward to seeing your houses and work. Hurry up.. can't wait.
Nikki x

Debbie said...

Susan a very big welcome to the blogosphere. There are lots of us out here, so if you need any help just shout.
Thank you for visiting my blog..
Mini Hugs x

Debie Lyons said...

Susan, welcome to blogland, you will love it here. The peeps are friendly and if you get stuck there is usually a person to help out (Ditto Nikki an Debbe).
Pics of your work please!
Debie xxxxx