Monday, May 25, 2009

Where I've finally learned to use the macro on the camera...kind of....I think....LOL

I decided to look for the instruction booklet that came with my little digital camera, only to discover that it was all in Spanish...weird. So much for buying things at Costco. Seriously, it's wasn't one of those where it's English and then if you turn it upside down and backwards it's another language. This was all Spanish. Anyway, fortunately these things are available on the world wide web so my better half printed it out for me.
This is the little table I've been working one for the July Florida show. My son said I need to set up a "photography space" instead of just taking the pictures where ever and I guess he's right....maybe tomorrow. But for today I wanted to share what i've been spending my time on.
This is the "Enchanter's Table"..... and most everything need to cast a proper spell is at hand. I've tried to show all four sides...I like these tableaux to be able to be viewed from any angle. Not only does she have all necessary spell books but a variety of enchantment scrolls and ingredients to enchant objects. At the moment, she is preparing to enchant a ceremonial dagger which is atop a book in the right hand corner. She has momentarily laid her wand near the scroll she is using while she steps away to obtain some forgotten item.
I have also completed another Alchemist Cabinet which I'll try to get decent pictures of by tomorrow. I need to play with this camera a bit more but I think I'm getting the habg of it. A tripod would help....there is one around here somewhere.
So I have 2 down and 4 more to go. I really hope that there are buyers at the show come's a little scary really to be doing this for the first time.
Tabitha (aka Susan)


Judy C said...

Ice Queen-Florida. Interesting juxtaposition. I lived in Ft Myers for 6 years late 60's early 70's. We could camp on the beach,canoe all sorts of places. So crowded now I hardly recognize. Would love to see your work at a show. It is beautiful work. Camera work is not bad either.

Debbie said...

Great Table Susan. I hope you do well at the show.

The Ice Queen said...

Hey Judy & Debbie...thanks for the encouragement. Judy..I know what you mean about Ft, Myers. My home is on Sanibel and I don't go off-island unless it's absolutely necessary.

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Amazing table Susan, I love everything on it, its great! Good camera work too :-)
Kate xx

ilgirasogno Laura said...

ogm!!! i love this table It is beautiful work

Debie Lyons said...

Thats a wonderful table Susan, I love it. Photographing minis is hard work LOL Great pics :O)
Debie xxx

nikkinikkinikki72 said...

Lovely work and beautiful items. I love everything and adore your style.
Your photos are loads better too and really clear.
Everyone laughs at me but i use photobucket to crop pics. I've found with others that i have on the comp when i crop them the image is never as good but when done at photobucket they come out perfect. I dont know why... lol
Also sometimes i find pictures are better if you step back a few more inches with your camera then take the picture, and then crop (photobucket). This is what i do with most of my mini's and i must have the camera around a full ruler length or a bit more away. It works for me and may help you.
Also Jodi creager said use books as a tripod and set the camera to the timer. Then you dont have to hold it perfectly still. I fully exhale also when i take a pic if not using books. It helps with the wobbling... lol. Its just difficult when your finished and gasping for air. Oh lol, i really do this!