Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sculpey Sale!

To all of you who have JoAnn's Etc. in their neighborhood...starting tomorrow they have a 50% sale on Sculpey. Sorry to my friends in the UK... While it is not my fave brand (really do prefer Fimo), I will try to get to town and pick up some translucent and some of the other light colors.

Lord knows I have plenty of blue.....



Tallulah~Belle said...

Thanks for the heads up Tabitha...I need some clay.

not blue though sorry :-)

Nicky CC said...

Prosculpt do a fab translucent clay too Susan :) I mix it in with all my flesh colours to give it a bit more depth :)
Ahh blue, you could do a jack frost! Or even mix it in with some translucent and make an ice scene :)

nikkinikkinikki72 said...

Hi Susan. Thank you for visiting my blog with your best wishes for michael. We find out today the results after more tests.
Your parcel arrived today and thank you ever so much for the gifts.
It's quite strange because i have been talking with another lady about materials like this and about making a table set. My friend is making one in full scale for a real house, but i want to make one in 1:12 and now i can with this material.
This kind of thing keeps happening to me and just when i think of an idea in the post arrives just what i need.
Its getting spooky... lol.
Thank you once again for the gifts and your best wishes... Nikki x

nikkinikkinikki72 said...

Hi Susan. Is it your show tomorrow? From your previous post i have worked out it must be tomorrow or the next.
Wishing you lots of sales and an enjoyable day and hoping everything goes top notch for you.
Dont forget comfy shoes. I always see people at afairs with feet that are aching. A nice pair of slippers should do the trick... lol.
Nikki x