Sunday, July 5, 2009

Joy of Reading Award

Just the other day, I received this lovely award from Mary over at Miz Mary. She passed it along to me after she received it from Dora. This award is about the joys of reading and asks that the recipient pick up a book at hand, go to page 161 and post the 5th full sentence. Then the award is to be passed on to 5 others.

I usually have several books in progress lying around my house since reading a good book is my next favorite thing to minis. At the moment, there is only one where I am past page 161. The book is "The September Society" by Charles Finch. The second Sherlock Holmes-type book by a new, young author. I like to read new authors....sometimes you discover real gems. This fellow is good. At least I think so. I enjoy his style. Here we go; a murder has occurred and "the game's afoot!", as Holmes would say:

"Lenox's suggestion had been well reasoned, Goodson said when the two men met, not adding that it had failed nonetheless".

Later, I'll pass this on to a few other bloggers, as requested.



nikkinikkinikki72 said...

Just to let you know i got your email yesterday, but i keep having trouble signing into my email.
Pages will not load and if they do then they don't send.
Once i sort it i'll email you back. I just didn't want you to think i'm being rude.
Hows all your show preparation going?

Tabitha Corsica said...

Ah Nik...I never think that. Show prep is going along swimmingly. Talk to you soon.