Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Scribe

My newest project based on this painting which appears on the cover of a book called
"Scribes and Illuminators" by Christopher Hamel. 

Despite surfing the web, I haven't been able to determine who the artist was but I was inspired by the image.

Here is my interpretation...

The chair has been aged and distressed and
covered with reclaimed blue leather.

The stack of reference books can be removed from the chair but they are attached to each other.

The fabric bag filled with completed scrolls can also be removed from the chair back and the scrolls can be removed from the bag if desired.

 The table has also been aged and distressed. 

The scribe has extra blank scrolls and inkpots
at hand and a piece he is currently working on.

There are finished manuscripts under the table
and the key to the scriptorium.
All the items are permanently attached to the table.

A close up of the left side of the table shows the illuminated candle and the magnifier used to intensify the candlelight.  This can be plugged or wired directly into dollhouse or roombox wiring.

A close-up of the right side of the table shows the multiple colored inks used in the process,
including a special container for the gilding ink.

I will be offering this for table and chair for sale at the Orlando Miniature show this weekend. 

If I still have it on Monday morning, I will be listing it on Etsy.

I've been thinking about this project for a while and I had a lot of fun putting it all  together. 

I hope you all enjoyed seeing it!




Garden of Miniatures said...

A complete perfect scene with so much wonderful details.I think if it won't be saled in Orlando,the people have been blind :-)!Have much fun on the fair!Jeannette

Margriet said...

What a wonderful project, it is beautiful!!i love the candle with magnifier in front of it! I can't imagine you'll have to take this home with you again after the fair :-)

Janice said...

It has all come together beautifully Tabitha. I am sure it will be snapped up very quickly at the show. You are right the are the perfect ingredients for a super room or picture box.

Lovely attention to detail as usual.

The Old Maid said...

Great work Tabitha! I too think it will be sold very quickly at the show.:) Have fun there!:)

Glenda said...

I love this image - it has so much detail :)
You have worked marvels with your scribe's desk, all so beautifully detailed, and set up so well!! :D

Catherine said...

I LOVE it!!! What a great image to use for an inspiration for a miniature vinyette.

Michelle's Mad World said...

It's wonderful, but the chair and the table are my favs of the entire piece! The little bag is fab too!

I'm sure it will sell as its quite distinctive. :o)

Michelle xx

Dark Squirrel Victoria said...

Most Excellent! I love the picture your inspiration came from.

Victoria ♥

BiWuBär said...

Nice inspiration - and your interpretation of that painting is breathtaking. And for a dummie like me whenever it comes to electricity it's unbelievable that you're able to bring this candle to real light... I agree with the others, they'll grab it from your hands at the fair!


P.S.: Did you notice I have a giveaway on the run at my blog? I don't know if you're interested in bears in general and mine in particular, but the price is in some way an Ice Queen... ;O)

Mindy Max said...

I love it! So pretty and very detailed. I love the desk and all the scrolls and things that you have added to make it so real looking. The chair is amazing with the bag and books.

Debie Lyons said...

I love it Tabs, its superbly detailed.

LOrra Luffies

Debie xxxxxxxx

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Its totally wonderful Susan , I showed it to Emily who loves it, just the sort of style she wants in her castle. Im sure it will be snapped up! Kate xxx

Drora's minimundo said...

I'd hate to part with it if I were you. It is a beautiful magnificent piece of work.

Merri said...

Darn it, I hate being new to commenting on your blog. Who is Hester? *peeks around*

Tabitha Corsica said...

Merri, I believe this comment might have been intended for several posts hence... :-)

However, Hester is the housekeeper for Kendrick Aloysius DeBellows...