Sunday, May 16, 2010

Anyone familiar with this dollhouse?

Is anyone familiar with this dollhouse? It is called the "Canterbury" made by Norcraft. I cannot find any information on it but I was told the kit comes from England. The lady has 2 and is selling them for $25 each.

The descrition reads that it is pre-cut plywood. I am wondering if it is anything like the Duracraft or Geenleaf houses in terms of quality of wood or components because, if it is, I'll pass. I don't like working with those lits at all. Too flimsy and too much work to get everything to fit right.




Michelle's Mad World said...

It's not a brand that I am familiar with, nor have I heard of the house kit. It is front opening which all British kits are.

It looks like ply-wood rather than the pre-cut type. It's VERY cheap!

Michelle xx

Tabitha Corsica said...

I added a picture that the lady e-mailed with other things which are included. You're right, Michelle. It is very cheap. I guess I need to ask her more questions as I have to travel an hour to pick them up if I decide to buy. I think they's make good club auction prizes, if nothing else. I like the front opening.


Michelle's Mad World said...

Hi Susan,

I had a closer look at the other photo, it looks like a dollshouse for a child rather than a collectors house. That's what a lot of our children’s dollshouses look like. Just thought I'd let you know before you buy. ;o)) No reason why you can't enhance it, etc. though!

Michelle xxx

Kathi said...

Hi Susan,
Thanks for your comment and for following! I love this little house. Sure wish I could find one like this! But then, I did just buy my second house and haven't even started on it yet...

Kathi said...

PS I agree with you about the Greenleaf houses. These older ones are very well made and not so "flimsy." =D