Saturday, March 6, 2010

Update on my "perplexion" (?)

(I don't think that is a word...)

Anyway, just to let everyone who offered their support know that, although she did not reply to me, the dealer did add my name as artist to the listing. A friend sent me an e-mail the day after I told her it was important to me to be mentioned as the artist. He said my name was now prominently displayed with the tables.

So all is well. But I do think I may refrain from selling to dealers who only sell on-line in the future.



Michelle's Mad World said...

I'm so pleased that you had a positive result in the end. It was a worthy result too! :o))

Michelle xx

Debie Lyons said...

Pleased you had a good result Tabs. Perhaps you could get some extra work/orders as a result.
Debie xxxxx

dale said...

Sounds like it all worked out. :)

How can you tell if someone is a dealer?

Could the turner in Canada have been Tom?

Debbie said...

Really pleased to hear that the Dealer has added your name to your work. Mind you they should have done it in the first

Tabitha Corsica said...

Yes was Tom Saunders! I recently cleaned up and put the cards in a "safe" place which I now cannot locate...but he was the one.

Sometimes it is hard to tell if someone is a dealer if they are not very well known. I happened to know of this woman from soneone at the show. Of course, many dealers are also collectors and buy for their personal collections as well as their shop.

I think the issue here was the "online only" status of her shop. When dealers sell at shows, they are available to tell who the artist is to the prospective customers. Plus, the buyer can simply turn the thing over and see (if it is signed as mine are)for themselves. I've shopped many dealers at shows and they are happy to talk about the artists they carry. Even if they don't have each and every piece displayed with a label, they have all the pertinent info. Often I will be approached by a dealer while browsing her wares and have her say..."that chair was made by so and so." Such a discourse is not possible with online shops.

Wouldn't it be nice it some orders came in? Or even if someone would buy the piece I have on etsy?


dale said...

Tom is a great guy, such a sense of humor and his turnings are exquisite! I have several of his pieces.

I try to keep all of the cards with the items, I'm afraid I'll forget who made what, so far not, but, I am getting older. lol ;)

Tabitha, but, even online, there is usually a place for a description of an item, so, it is possible for the artist to be acknowledged. Well, I guess if they want to...

Why don't you think about joining our miniaturist's team on etsy. TeamMIDS, Tom is a member, too. Here's a link to our current thread in the forum.
All of the pertinent information about the team is in the first post in that thread, and of course, you can contact me about anything. :)

Peach Blossom Hill said...

I'm glad things worked out for you!


Anonymous said...
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