Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Lemony Snicket!

Some of you may recall that I'm in the process of renovating/redecorating a rather larger dollhouse.  The only room which could even come close to being called "finished" is the kitchen.  I was somewhat inspirated by the color scheme of Monet's kitchen/dining room in Giverny.

I had collected most of the furniture but I wanted a hutch so took some time to make one ( an initial disaster and the subject of an "Ask Tabitha" post, I think...)  and I am now pleased to say that all the pieces are completed. 

I wanted them "dressed", as if someone was actually using the kitchen so I prevailed on my dear friend, Kim Saulter, from Kim's Minis to provide the magic.  Real life had been taking over Kim's mini life of late and she needed that extra incentive to entice the Muse to return. 

As you will see, the results are breathtaking!!  Kim is back in her mini kitchen and all is right with the world!!

This first piece is the sink.  I no longer have any idea where I got it from or who the manufacturer is but it is metal and very substantial.  The cut lemons are by Amanda Speakman, Amanspeak Miniatures.

The stove is by Bodo Henning ... another substantial metal piece.  And just LOOK at the amazing sweets Kim has made!!  I think the blueberry cobbler looks good enough to eat....

This little dining table and chairs (2) is by M&R Miniatures out of Rochester, NY.  He doesn't have a website, sells only at shows.  There is a work table in the same colors also.

Ann Ceasar made the lemon meringue pie, which I've had for YEARS and am only just now using. 
If you look closely, you can see some of Kim's AMAZING lemon bars!
Don't they look real??!!

Here is the companion worktable with more of Kim's goodies!

Just look at the attention to detail!  Some cupcakes finished...some just started...some waiting their turn...

This glazed Lemon pound cake is to DIE for!!

Ta Da!
This is the hutch that drove me crazy. I painted, stripped, re-painted, hated the color, re-painted, sanded....  on and on...   But that is a topic for another time.

Right now, feast your eyes on Kim's splendid sweets!

This lemon trifle was made by my friend Lisa McQuaid from the Every Day Gourmet.   She has an Esty shop and makes a variety of foods that one would use "everyday".  But I really love her trifles.

All the rest was made by Kim.  What wonderful confections!  I am over the moon with the results!

In addition to all the scrumptious goodies you see here, Kim included some chocolate chip and lemon cookies.  She was one busy lady.  I cannot thank her enough for all the time and effort put into this.

But more than that, I am really proud of her and glad she is my friend (though we have never met...).  She took all those lemons life was lobbing her way, chopped them up and made the most beautiful things from them.  I am very happy for her ... and for me, too!

She can make any sort of confection you can dream up so if you are in the market for something sweet or just want to see what Kim is up to in the mini kitchen, visit her Etsy shop.  You won't be disappointed.



Michelle said...

Just perfection! I love the cakes...when something looks good enough (but in mini form) to eat, you know it is 'very' high quality! :o))))) I love the dresser best with all the cakes and desserts galore!

I love the little teapot on the table. We don't have lemon bars in the UK to name a couple of things, but they look superb nontheless. :o))

I am and have been looking out for cakes, etc., for my next project, and Kim is on my list to contact. ;o))))

Michelle xx

Ara said...

Beautiful!!! I can just imagine what it smells like to be standing in that kitchen! yum!!! -ara

Dark Squirrel Victoria said...

Beautiful! You can smell the lemons looking at the photos. I can't wait to see everything arranged in your kitchen. Your hard work pais off on the cupboard finish. I love the blue/white china with the yellow theme.

The sweets are all to die for.


Cheryl said...

Everything looks perfectly lemony scrumptious.

kimsminiatures said...

Oh I just loved seeing your pictures. Glad you were happy and able to use everything. Your dollhouse kitchen will be amazing. Love the yellow hutch.
I want to thank you for always being so sweet to me. Glad to call you friend even if we have never met in person. Maybe ourspaths will cross someday. Thanks again for everything. I want to go look at your wonderful pictures again. Pictures are my favorite part of the mini making.
Mini hugs~ Kim

Maria Ireland said...

Wow amazing. What a talented friend you have. They look so yummy. Hugs Maria

Debbie said...

Beautiful pieces by Kim. She is one of the nicest Mini People I know. x

Julia said...

Lovely pieces, I would be very happy with them too. Kim is superb at cake making. I love that little teapot too :0)
Julia xx

Janine Crocker said...

What a beautiful project Susan! I adore the colour scheme and as lemon/lime flavour things are my favourite I am just drooling over the cake selection. Kim is very very talented and had made you some really lovely pieces

Rosamargarita said...

Primorosamente detallada!
Un abrazo

Tabitha Corsica said...

Yes, yes, YES! I can't agree more with all of you! Not only is Kim a talented miniature food artist, she is a lovely lady and a dear friend.

Beatriz Fernández said...

Todo esta para comerselo!!!
Kim trabaja de una forma perfecta!!

Drora's minimundo said...

Everything looks magnificent. Kim's work is beautiful. Wonderful scenes.

Mindy Max said...

Everything is so pretty! Very talented for sure! I'm in love with all of it!

carlanne said...

FABULOUS!!!!!! and I agree, you can smell the lemons! It's just perfect. love that stove! xoxoxoxo

Lucille said...

Susan, so nice to see you back in blogland! Thank you so much for the tour of Monet's house. It's so colourful and inspiring. Everything in your kitchen is perfection. You have done a wonderful job on the hutch. It has an old world look about it. I will certainly be exploring the websites of the food artists who have contributed to the mouthwatering feast laid out in your photos. Now, I'm hungry! LOL!

Debs said...

This is making me hungry - wow brilliant work.


maria l. said...

So beautiful.
I like very much your work.
Me encanta tu trabajo.Es exquisita la combinación del color, y el conjunto resulta diferente a los trabajos habituales.
Muy bueno
Te felicito

Kat Hazelton said...

WOW I feel hungry after seeing your blog posting wonderful :-)

Norma said...

Everything is totally fabulous, a very welcoming kitchen indeed! And how wonderful to have such lovely pieces from so many talented people to add magic to your house.

dalesdreams said...

This is really incredible! :)

Ruth Ramaekers said...

Cool creations Tabitha! I am just taking baby steps learning how to make mini food and am falling in love with mini food blogs all over the webs. Cool moniker. I love all things original