Saturday, October 2, 2010

New Blog on the Block... "Ask Tabitha"

Yep....I volunteered to mind the Miniature Q&A blog after Nikki sent out the request.

Ask Tabitha

Have a look.  All the previous questions and information are there, too! 

Plan to start with new question late Sunday evening (EDT).

Soooo.....anyone have a question???   I have a few I've garnered from previous comments. No pressure :-)

Just needed to add that, while I moderate this new blog, it is in no way MINE.  It is for everyone to participate in by way of the comment section....which is the only way folks can post, unfortunately.



Debbie said...

I'm really pleased you've decided to take it over Susan. xxxx

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Great! And love the name 'Ask Tabitha'. I kept thinking of things for subjects before and now its back I cant remember what they were so Ill have a rethink and email you! Good luck with it, its such a good idea for a helpful blog. Kate xxx

Glenda said...

Oooo, excellent - thanks for taking this over!
Good name, 'Ask Tabitha' :)

Marisa Stein said...

that's wonderful news, if I have any questions now I know where post them.