Monday, December 7, 2009

...ooops...dropped it.... ;-)

Nah..I'd never do that! My dear friend Nikki from Witch and Wizard miniatures tossed this ball my way and I was happy to catch it. As I understand it, I have to answer 8 questions about myself, so here goes:

Names that I am called: Well, Mom, of course. “Oh, Honey”, for another. Susan, Aunt Sue, occasionally Bubbela. Mrs. Wener (at school). Unlike HS and college, people no longer call me by names I do not like…..because I simply do not answer .

Three Items I am wearing: I am currently wearing denim capris, a white t-shirt and sneakers…basically my uniform.

Three things I did yesterday, last night and today: Yesterday I put up all the outside Christmas lights that I had planned to…and they all seem to work for now.
Last night I made a week late Thanksgiving Dinner. We were invited out on Thanksgiving but I always like to make a turkey and they are so dang cheap at this time of the year.
Today I made some kind of “Brazilian Rice” for my son’s Spanish class. Why do these teachers give assignments to students that only their parents can complete?? I mean how is a kid supposed to make a dish and serve it up hot for 8th period??? Weird.

Name two things you have eaten: Left-over Turkey and gravy and left-over “Brazilian” rice (I guess it wasn’t a big hit with the class. I thought it was quite tasty…

Two people I have rung today: The Sears repairman since my refrigerator doesn’t seem to be cooling properly (yet again) and my dearest friend Jill to complain about said refrigerator and the fact the I have been given a “window” of 8am to 5pm for the repair guy to show up…grrr.

Two things I will do today: Well, today is already over….so. Tomorrow I will wait patiently all day for the repairman to show up and I will put the lights on my Christmas tree whilst I wait. In-between, I’ll do laundry. An utterly thrilling day…

Three Best Loved Drinks:
Meridian chardonnay…extremely well chilled, a well made latte, and ice cold water on a hot Florida summer day.

Three Things I Intensely Wish:
1) I wish for my son to grow healthy, wealthy and wise…actually, healthy and wise would be adequate, though it would be nice if he could take care of his mother in her dotage.
2) I wish that my husband’s family would stop making him feel guilty for every little thing….
3) I wish everyone could realize their most cherished dreams without interference from outside influences….to experience the joy and satisfaction of being all they ever wanted to be.

Thank you Nik! I enjoyed doing this. I am going to pass the ball to......

Ara at

She actually has two blogs, one for the Addams family and one for Bentley Mansion.

Have fun Ara!


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