Sunday, May 29, 2011


...on my best mini ever.  Though you can see he is not so mini anymore!

It seems like it's been a crazy ride since way before opening night of Godspell in April.
Matt had a major role as The Baptist in this production.
That's him in the red/black stripes at Dress Rehearsal.

 He's always done Tech since he was a Freshman.  Lighting, sound, stage manager and Tech Director.
He's had several minor roles in the recent past but even then he still functioned as Stage Manager.
This time, he relinguished that to an underclassman and threw himself into singing, acting and dancing!
He had a blast!

He graduated from HS last weekend
and my 90 y/o mother made a plane trip here for it.

We are all so proud of him! 
 The white hood is for National Honor Society
and the gold/black braid is for graduating magna cum laude.

He also recieved a special award for achievement in the Arts.

Matt and his two bestest buddies
(who will miss him terribly when he is away at school!)

He's just returned from a Carnival Cruise with 8 of his good friends
(and 3 very brave parents!)

I am hoping that I will now be able to get back to "mini-ing" (and blogging about it!) but the Summer seems like it will be crazy, too.  Althought the Fall term at University of Florida doesn't start until the end of August, Matt's enrolled for a Summer B session and that starts the end of June.  We all need to be up there for a preview next weekend and there are several other "events" parents are expected to attend before the Fall term.

I also have a mini show the end of July to prepare for.  I'd better get cracking....

Love to you all!  Thanks for reading my blog.  I promise to get that Conservatory finished and photographed.  Hester has been mostly useless of late...



Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Some friends are finding they cannot sign in and make a post on their own blogs lately so this to see if I can...