Friday, January 14, 2011

Steampunk Collection

I know it has been quite awhile since I last posted anything on this blog but I have been busy, busy, BUSY!

I made a 1/24 room box for my sister for Christmas (subject of another post) and that took so much time ... it is not my favorite scale to work with, mainy because of the difficulty finding accessories.

But I digress...

This Sunday is the Sarasota Miniature show and I wanted to show you the Steampunk items I've made to offer for sale.  Some of you may recall that I have a rather large, and unfinished, "dungeon" type room box.  After much thought, I have decided it would make the perfect workshop for a Steampunk inventor.  It all started when I saw Lorraine's Steampunk wand...which I snapped even before the paint was dry.  It really was my inspiration for the entire room.

In line with that, I thought I'd gather a collection of Steampunk items for the show.  I have several clocks, some Tesla Electric Current devices, magnifiers and, of course, the zany leather top hats, complete with goggles!

I'll be quiet now and just let you look at the pictures....