Saturday, December 11, 2010

Glitter house redeux...

As charming as the pink glitter house was, I thought the colors just weren't right for the red and green hutch.

So I made a little red school house by modifiying the orignal pattern just slightly.  (I'm not selling this so please, Martha Stewart, don't sue me...)

It is just barely 1 inch high to the top of the bell tower.

The tree is a chenille stem that I attempted to trim into a conical shape.  I might try trimming it with some tiny beads if I can find them in my stash and they turn out to be the right colors.....

 I used white ultrafine glitter over looks much better in person, really...

I think it looks much better with the rest of the decorations than the pink house which I am sure I will find a suitable place for...eventually.  Righ  now, it is residing in the Christmas Conservatory, though I already have one there so it cannot stay.  It will have to find a place of it's own in must we all.

In case I don't have a chance to say it later...

Merry Christmas one and all!


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Mini Club Christmas Swap.....

...oh wait...!   This wasn't even on my list!   Oy....sigh..

But I am happy to show it to you all because it is, in fact, one of the few things I've actually finished lately. 

I am new to this club and still feeling my way around.  Instead of a meeting, they have a Christmas Party in December, hosted by one of the long-standing members.  And there is a gift swap. 

So this is what I decided to make.

It's a simple Michael's cabinet that I shabbied up a bit with a wedgewood green paint and then dry-brush with pale gold.  I changed out the knobs on the non-opening drawer and added some laser-cut trim to the corners. The word "Presents" is from the scrapbook store, the red sparkly tree used to be a green flocked bottle brush tree that I beached and glittered and decorated with some gold beads.

I filled the shelves with one of the candles I made, some wrapped "pressies", a plate of bonbons from the dozens made for Alice's party, Christmas cards, and the sweetest little glitter house from a reduced Martha Stewart pattern. 

(I have several little houses from Carol at true2scale that I've still to put together but that is for another post).

I am rather proud of the tree ornaments hanging from the knobs and shelf.  They are made from beads.

I like the free-standing pieces I make to look interesting from all angles.  Here is the back of this one...

The picture and border came on a large punch-out page with several others fromt he scrapbook store.  It was from this I chose the colors for the cabinet and accessories. 

It also serves to cover up the wires from the LEDs...   This little cabinet lights up!

There is a 1.8mm LED in the corners of the upper shelves.  These are 3 volt bulbs and are connected to a nickel-sized lithium coin battery tucked neatly away under the cabinet.  The little white "thing" on the bottom is the switch which works so silk off a spool!

I had to add an apron, front and back, to hide the battery pack so I used my coping saw to replicate the decorative work from the top.

I think it turned out well and I hope whoever gets it at the party likes it.....

Now....back to work!


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Christmas Cottage....

Today, I sent my mother a Christmas card with this picture on it.  If you don't recognize it, it is one of Thomas Kincade's Christmas cottages.  I absolutely fell in love with it when I saw this card. 

I want miniature of course.   So I decided that I am going to make one.  Or one similar to this.  I have, for a long while now, planned on a Toy Shop (or something like that) and I think this would be a lovely Elves Workshop.  I just love the big leaded window..the stone work..the timbers.  Beautiful.

Anyway...I am going to do it.

Right after I finish my sister's Christmas present....and Prof. Pymm's Study....and the crazy inventor's lab (yet to be named)...and the Ruins of Camelot...

And do a blog post about LEDs....and an "Ask Tabitha" post about several things people have brought up..

And then there's the 200 followers give-away post....and the one about the lighted cabinet....

Mmmmm.....I am really going to have to get a girl in here to do all my other work so I can just concentrate on mini's.

Fat chance....

But before I do anything else, I really must get the ornaments on my tree.  I should have done that yesterday but I spent the day "sanitizing" my hubby's office.  He rarely allows anyone in there to tidy up never mind vacuum or dust so I had to strike while I could.  Today I was taken up with laundry and God's knows what else...the day just flew by.

Tomorrow doesn't look too good either...sigh....

I'll keep you posted.

Tatty Tabitha

PS:  Just the other day, I was referred to as a "scrappy renegade" so I guess I can add that title to the list....